About us

Car Company Deroose has its roots in a passion for cars, passed down from father to son. Which is why we can offer you a high-quality collection of cars. In our selection you will find modern as well as (young) classics, each of them selected personally and with a great deal of care. It is our firm belief that it is precisely that personal approach that can benefit you when it comes to buying a new or used vehicle.

Customised work

Because we are an independent dealer and not tied to one particular make, we can freely and openly advise you about a new purchase. Choose from the various makes and models in our select range of vehicles available on demand, or feel free to ask about those that will become available in the near future.

Or perhaps you are looking for a specific model or version? Then we’ll gladly find the car of your choice.


Given that the vehicles we have on offer are generally new or virtually new, it goes without saying that you will be able to take advantage of the factory warranty offered by the manufacturer. In addition, we offer a year’s guarantee for all our vehicles, even those for which the warranty period has expired.


When purchasing a new vehicle, we are happy to look at the condition of your current car together with you. We will always give you a fair price, in line with prevailing market prices or, should you so wish, we can help you find the right buyer for your car.


Buying a new car is no small feat. Whether you’re a private individual or a business client, unfortunately there’s no escaping the paperwork. Because you obviously can’t wait to get behind the wheel of your new car, you can safely leave all the red tape to us. We are happy to take responsibility for the correct processing, be it for financing or tax issues, inspection or registration.


And that’s the personal approach that we’ve been talking about.